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What is Epsmon?

EpSMon is a self- monitoring App designed for adults who experience seizures. It helps you provide important information to your doctor.

As someone with epilepsy, you may well be aware that having epilepsy and seizures brings a number of risks. They can affect your awareness or judgement, for instance, or lead to a fall. The seizures themselves can be risky too.

EpSMon uses evidence on risk factors for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), and includes the major risk factors known to be associated with fatality in epilepsy. The risk is low, but may be more or less for some people, which is why it's important to talk to your medical team about your own condition.

EpSMon supports you to assess yourself every three months. It informs you if you report a risk, even a very low risk, and to seek help to review whether action may be needed. It highlights when you report a risk factor or a worsening of a risk factor that may be life-threatening, but is something that could be changed.

Easy to USE

Watch our brief introductory video (less than 2 minutes)

Once downloaded, EpSMon will guide you through a simple registration process. You then complete a series of questions which will assess your risk factors. EpsMon is designed to…

Help you understand why the risk factors are important

Encourage you to show your GP or specialist the results

Encourage you to agree a care plan if you do not have one; agree a regular review or check your existing care plan

Help you to be better informed about your seizures and able to agree a plan with your doctor that works well for you

Offer some simple suggestions to help reduce risk.


EpSMon is the output from a 5 year research project. Over 300 scientific papers were reviewed to create a risk assessment checklist tool, for clinicians. This tool was evaluated in clinical practice and then translated into a patient friendly version, as this App.

EpSMon was adopted into the national epilepsy commissioning toolkit, UK, in 2015.

Award Winning

EpSMon has won awards in the UK and USA and has won  prestigious competitions including the 2016 HSJ Patient Safety,  2016 BMJ Neurology awards, 2015 International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and 2015 Epilepsy Foundation US.



Our Approach

EpSMon has been built with tremendous support from the charity sector (SUDEP Action) and numerous epilepsy community representatives - linked with academic and clinical partners in the SW of England. This is a not for profit project in the interest of patient empowerment, safety and further research.

What people think

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EpSMon and the supporting work around it is a not-for-profit project. If you would like to donate to this project, to support this ongoing work, please click the button below.


Delivery Partners

EpSMon has been provided mostly out of shared interest and passion to empower and better the lives of people with Epilepsy.

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